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What is TOMBO?

TOMBO is yet another NotesTaker works on Windows.


  • Text file base tree view notes management.
  • H/PC Pro and Win32 version have two pane view.
  • File name auto-generation.
  • Encryption. TOMBO uses 128bit Blowfish Encryption Algorithm based on GnuPG.
  • You can choose encrypted/plain by each notes. Plain memo can view without password, so you can control accessibility and safety.
  • Easy operation.
  • Share notes both desktop PC and PDA. You can encrypt notes on PC and read it on PDA using ActiveSync.
  • Regular expression searching.
  • License is GPL. You can use TOMBO free.


I decide to stop to development WindowsMobile(WinCE) version because I don't have the devices and hard to test/support the platform. Version 1.17(.1) and 2.0 beta 4 is the last version for WindowsMobile. I am planning iPhone/iPad/MacOS/Android version and shift development resources to it. Sorry and very thanks to WindowsMobile users.

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