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2012-03-20 TOMBO 2.0 beta 5 has released.

Thank you for waiting a very long long long time. I released beta 5.

  • FIX:On Windows7 and with installer, saving properties are fail.
  • Add editor's color options.

When using msi setup, tomboprops.xml is saved in Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Tombo folder.

I upgrade development tools, so Tombo requires runtime library. I bundle in package so package size is big.

2006-09-26 TOMBO 2.0beta 4 has released.

beta 4 is bug fix version.

  • FIX: password timeout occures in serveral minutes even though timeout value is 60 min
  • FIX: "Use random filename","Sync file name and title","Keep cursor position" option is not reflected from property settings
  • FIX: PocketPC's menu is corrupt
  • FIX: One pane mode is not worked
  • FIX: Save new note failed when choosing virtual folder
  • FIX: Cut/Copy/Paste is not worked when choosing from menu(WM5)
  • FIX: Renaming is not worked on some WM5 devices
  • FIX: Password timeout is not occured when displaying crypted notes and focus is in treeview.

2006-09-12 TOMBO 2.0 beta 3 has released.

Beta1/2 is depend on MSVCRT80.DLL on win32 platform. I have fixed on this version.
Some users report bugs and not fixed yet, sorry and please wait fixing.

I fix some problems reported by user, too.

  • Remove dependency for MSVCRT80.DLL(win32)
  • Add installer(win32)
  • Add insert date to context menu
  • Add Shift+Home, Shift+End, Shift+Ctrl+Home, Shift+Ctrl+End key bindings.

2006-09-07 TOMBO 2.0 beta 2 has released.

Due to lack of libexpatw.dll, win32 version is not worked. I add it and released 2.0 beta 2. Please download again if you are download win32 beta 1. Sorry..

I fix some problems reported by user, too.

  • FIX: libexpatw.dll was not included in desktop version.
  • Add insert date menu to wm5 version.
  • Add Ctrl+Insert, Ctrl+Delete, Shift+Insert key binding.

2006-09-06 TOMBO 2.0 beta 1 has released.

TOMBO 2.0 has released by beta version. Thank you for alpha testers!

  • File size limitation was removed. TOMBO can open/edit over MB file now.
  • Show CR/EOF mark on edit view.
  • Windows Mobile 5 style menubar support.

2006-04-05 bluefield.dyndns.org are in maintanance

An archive server bluefield.dyndns.org is in maintanance for machine trouble.

Related service is below:

  • Download old version(1.14 or older)

You can still get latest version from Sourceforge JP.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

2006-02-23 TOMBO 2.0 alpha 5 released for testing.

TOMBO 2.0 alpha 5 has been released.

2.0 alpha is for testing version. Use 1.x for normal use.

2006-02-21 TOMBO 2.0 alpha 4 released for testing.

TOMBO 2.0 alpha 4 has been released.

2.0 alpha is for testing version. Use 1.x for normal use.

Remain feature 2.0a4 has not supported:

  • Word wrapping
  • Context menu(Right click menu)
  • View mode

2006-02-18 TOMBO 1.17 released.

TOMBO 1.17 has released. 1.17 is bug fix release.


  • FIX: Some crypted notes are displayed as plain file
  • FIX: -root parameter no longer to wok
  • FIX: Property dialog is not displayed on some PPC200 devices
  • FIX: ABEND when initializing on H/PC devices

2006-02-14 Add new questionaries

I have added two new questions about virtual folder and documents. Please tell me your opinions.

2006-02-12 Correction erase registry entry about docs

Sorry, There are a bugs in document.

In Readme.txt I wrote "The user who use 1.15 or older, registry entry is exists. Please kick EraseReg.exe so you can delete TOMBO's old registry entries.", Correct is RegErase.exe. This file exists the folder same in Tombo.exe.

2006-02-12 TOMBO 1.16 released.

TOMBO 1.16 has released. Major changes are two. First is no more registry. Second is Unicode/UTF-8 encoding supports.


  • Change option store registry to file.
  • Add Remember last note edited option(#6057)
  • Notes Unicode/UTF-8 encoding support(#5814)
  • Fix: Different passwords lock out folder(#7227)
  • FIX: Deleting folder deletes wrong one(#7725)
  • Fix: some memory leaks about encryption/decryption

2006-01-15 TOMBO 1.15 released.

1.15 is bug fix version.

1.15 fixes:

  • FIX: Message resources is not displayed correct.
  • FIX: "Encrypted not" is not checked on vfolder
  • FIX: Toolbar is displayed black and white on Windows Mobile 5 devices
  • Change install target directory "\Program Files" to "\Program Files\Tombo" on CE devices.
  • FIX: Moving split pane is not work when portrait mode(PocketPC 2003SE and later)

2005-04-10 TOMBO 1.14 released.

1.14 is bug fix version.

1.14 fixes:

  • FIX: The order of the notes is wrong when the note's filename is randomized.
  • FIX: TDT is not renamed even though note's filename is changed
  • FIX: When finding Encrypted note is checked even though check option is disabled

2004-11-22 Bug found at 1.13 for PocketPC

A bug is found at 1.13 for PocketPC. I upload temporary fix version as SNAPSHOT. If you download 1.13 and you are PocketPC user, please use SNAPSHOT version.

The fixed version is : TOMBO_20041121.zip. This bug is for only PocketPC. If you are not use PocketPC, please use 1.13

2004-11-21 TOMBO 1.13 released.

At 1.13, you can hide headline string from filename.

Since a file name is generated at random, those who do not know a password are unable to guess the contents from a file name. Of course, when it opens from TOMBO, a headline is displayed on a tree like before version if you enter the password.

1.13 fixes:

  • Add "Hide headline from filename" option for encrypted notes
  • When tapping & pasting, move cursor to the place tapping.

if you have existing encrypted notes and apply this feature, please decrypt once and re-encrypt it.

2004-10-17 TOMBO 1.12 released

TOMBO supports PocketPC2003SE VGA mode now.

1.12 fixes:

  • Append new binary for PocketPC2003SE VGA.
  • VGA resolution support.(2003SEVGA)
  • Landscape mode support.(2003SEVGA)
  • Add hide toolbar option(#4985)(Desktop)
  • Change help message style to *.chm(Thank you Kevin!)

Be careful VGA version is another exe/cab in pktpc_arm_en.zip.

2004-10-03 TOMBO 1.11 released.

TOMBO 1.11 is bug fix version of 1.9 and 1.10.I'm sorry again to give you trouble.

1.11 fixes:

  • FIX: A heap memory is destroyed and unstable problem
  • FIX: Dialog isn't indicated right on Windows98SE
  • FIX: Different memo is chosen
  • FIX: Ctrl-C is disabled on read only mode
  • Add save without dialog option
  • FIX: Down button ignored at filterdef dialog

2004-09-15 TOMBO 1.10 released.

Some major bugs were found in TOMBO 1.9, TOMBO 1.10 has released. 1.10 is bug fix version of 1.9.

Please upgrade to 1.10 if you get 1.9. I'm sorry to give you trouble.

1.10 fixes:

  • FIX: More than one lines can't be chosen.
  • FIX: The bookmark menu isn't i18nlized.
  • Replace message file revised by Gerry(Thanks!)

2004-09-11 TOMBO 1.9 released.

TOMBO 1.9 released.
  • Improve i18n support about messages.
  • Open selected folder by explorer.
  • Open selected notes by other applications(experimental).
  • Supressed save dialog mode support.

Open selected notes by other application may be cause security problem if the app create backup file. See "Kick other applications" in the document.

This version is the final release for Palm-Size PC.

2004-08-28 RSS feed started.

We start announce by RSS.

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